Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Black Cherry is a depth shade of the permanent colour 3.0. Use for 20 minutes to create vibrant brunette purple or as a two minute regular conditioner to restore or replenish black cherry tones.


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I created Colour Restore Black Cherry with a very specific consumer in mind. My view had long been that there was a (natural) dark haired consumer out there who did not wish to change their base colour, but instead sought accentuation tones. Specifically, whose natural bases were very dark, but who still sought the additional shine and hues achieved (previously) by permanent colour.

Ultimately, Black Cherry is what I refer to as ‘an accentuation shade’. This means, it is designed to enhance a natural depth, without covering or hiding it completely. The creation of the shade was born from a movement in many (former permanent colourant) consumers, who were now wanting to dispense with harsh chemical colour and return to their natural shades. However, these consumers still desired the tones, lustre and illumination previously achieved with chemical colourants, but without any damage or commitment factors.

Black Cherry is a formulation that consists of brunette (brown) pigments, combined with red and blue colour molecules, to create that purple overtone. Created at a specific ratio, the shade is ‘depth heavy’, meaning, even when applied to the lightest bases the result will still have a brunette depth.

When applied to naturally dark bases, the purple tone (within the shade) will blend subtly into the natural depth. Upon sight, there appears minimal difference in the brunette shade as seen prior to application.  However, once light hits the hair it will radiate a Black Cherry hue and high gloss.  This is exactly the effect many dark-haired consumers are seeking.  Not wishing to have hair that appears artificially coloured, but instead desiring a glossy three-dimensional tone under light, which radiates with an increased shine and lustre.

Many naturally dark-haired consumers (particularly those with afro hair textures) are seeking a rich vibrant plum purple shade without the necessity of using a harsh ammonia-based colourant. Black Cherry enables naturally dark-haired consumers to firstly use a product like Decolour Stripper, to gently lighten the natural depth. Once applied to such (pre-lightened depths) Black Cherry will produce a vibrant ultra-rich purple toned shade that gives high shine and lustre.

As with the other Colour Restore shades, Black Cherry is not designed for grey coverage.  However, grey coverage effects can be achieved with the product which may be appealing to the dark-haired individual who has interspersed white hairs.

If Black Cherry is applied to naturally white/grey hair it will turn those hairs to a pale cherry violet tone.  If the consumer is showing the very early signs of grey, use of the shade will produce an effect whereby the hair appears to have violet flecks running throughout.

However, if the shade was applied to predominantly white or grey hair, there is a chance the hair would look a very pale cherry or lavender colour, simply because such bases are stubborn to colour and tend to need an ammonia-based product. For this reason, Colour Restore Black Cherry is not marketed as a grey coverage product.

If a (previously) naturally dark-haired consumer wished to achieve a Black Cherry shade in (now) very grey hair, the best solution would be to firstly colour the hair with a 6.0 dark blonde permanent colourant. This permanent shade would turn the grey base to a light brown. However, if Black Cherry was then applied to such a light brown base, the combined depth and purple tone of the product would produce a very rich, deep true Black Cherry shade – without the colour appearing heavy or flat.

By contrast, if the grey or white hair was firstly coloured with a permanent dark brown or black shade, in order to cover the grey or white hair, the results achieved from a subsequent application of Black Cherry would be very minimal. This is simply because of the abundance of artificial depth infused into the hair (via that dark permanent colourant), would not allow sufficient light for the Black Cherry shade to display.

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Cannot see effects from shade in the hair?

Black Cherry was designed as a natural illuminator shade. To explain, a natural dark-haired base can use the product but initially see little difference, however under sunlight the hair will have a high gloss and black cherry tone. The lighter the depth the more the purple tone will display. So, if someone with a light brown base shade applies Black Cherry, the hair will have a deep mulberry brown look. However, if the product is applied to a pre-lightened base the shade will be a more vibrant purple.  The only shade it will have trouble displaying on (in any capacity) is artificial black.  This is due to artificial black being so abundant in pigment, it doesn’t allow room for any other colour or tone to display. Black Cherry would display on natural dark browns and blacks.

However, if you do have a lighter base level (than the Black Cherry shade itself) and the colour is simply not displaying, the issue may be to do with product build-up and surface barriers. In the first instance, double check the colour is not displaying under natural sunlight. If you cannot see any purple hue (under daylight) this is an indicator the product did not enter the hair to evoke a result. Therefore, use Precolour clarifier or a high cleansing shampoo several times and apply Black Cherry again.  Remember though, Black Cherry is designed to be a gloss colour for darker natural brunettes or a vibrant cherry for pre-lightened bases.  The product is unable to lighten hair, so if you have a dark base and desire a bright cherry results, you will firstly need to use Decolour Stripper and follow this with an application of Black Cherry to achieve that desired vibrant result.

Hair looks very purple?

If the hair looks very purple after using Black Cherry, this would be due to the fact the product has been applied onto either a bleached/blonde or white/grey base. In this situation, the pale hair has absorbed the depth of the colourant and is displaying the tone (the purple). However, the issue is very easy to remedy. Simply apply Black Cherry again, giving an intense 20-minute development.  With this second development, the brunette pigment will no longer be pulled into the hair and will instead display as depth, giving that true Black Cherry shade.

Can the product be used on non-colour treated hair?

Yes. The product was designed for non-colour treated hair. The inspiration for Black Cherry is the individual who has a naturally dark, brunette depth, but does not want to colour their hair.  However, they still want the hair to look glossy and rich.  When applied to natural dark bases, Black Cherry is a very naturalistic looking colour and certainly not a bold purple. On natural depths, Black Cherry creates that rich, plum 3D colour effect.

Does the shade cover grey?

Black Cherry will cover a scattering of grey, but if the shade is used on very grey hair, the result would be a softer mauve. Some people may like this, but you must remember the product was not created to cover grey.  If you are very grey, were originally a natural dark and love the Black Cherry shade, it is recommended you firstly apply a flat 6.0 dark blonde permanent colourant to your hair. This permanent shade will give 100% coverage of the grey hair and produce a soft brown depth.  Then, when Colour Restore Black Cherry is applied, it will display as a soft but noticeable Cherry Purple.

How soon after perming and relaxing can I use Colour Restore Black Cherry?

Any Colour Restore shade can be used immediately after perming or relaxing.For best results rinse off the neutraliser and apply the Colour Restore shade to the hair whilst it is damp and un-conditioned.  Work the shade through the hair and give it a 5-minute development, before rinsing.

NB:  Because Colour Restore features semi-permanent colour molecules, these molecules will be pulled from the hair with any permanent chemical process. Therefore, if you do use a Colour Restore shade and subsequently perm, relax or apply a chemical based colourant, your Colour Restore shade will need to be re-applied after your chemical treatment.  It is perfectly safe to do this immediately after said chemical treatment.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Red 51, Basic Blue 99, Basic Brown 16, Acid Violet 43 (Ext. D&C Violet 2), Basic Red 76, Basic Yellow 57.


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