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Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Candy is a couture shade, created exclusively by Scott Cornwall, for very light blonde, bleached and highlighted hair.

Use for 20 minutes to create soft multidimensional rosé hues or as a two minute regular conditioner for blush tones.


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My inspiration for Candy was born of the trend I could see emerging in 2014 for blush tone. From a home colourist perspective (and even in salons), lightest blonde hair had become very restrictive. Once hair was lifted to a base level of white, the only avenue for tonal display was Platinum – which is basically cool toned. Yet many light blondes were not happy with simply sporting standard Platinum Blonde hair. Some had preferences for warm tones. Therefore, what began to emerge was the arrival of the ‘Blush Tone’. These were tonal hues that were so subtle they retained the hair’s super light level (without giving depth) but could give an overall clear tonal effect to the hair. The original Blush tone was the delicate peach-pink, which served as the warm antithesis to the cool Platinum Blonde.

At this time, I also very much wanted to create an entirely bespoke hair colour shade that consumers could only achieve via using our range. This factor, combined with the arrival of the Blush tone trend, lead me to create the shade ‘Candy’.

Candy is an incredibly delicate lightest blonde toner that is created from a mixture of gold and pink colour pigments. When applied to lightest blonde and bleached hair, Candy displays as a very unusual shade, that can only be described as a mix between rose and apricot. Its function is to retain the lightest possible level of blonde (without depth) whilst displaying a warm lightest rose-gold shade.

Unlike neutralising shades such as Cool Ash and Iced Platinum, Candy simply introduces a mixture of warm tones to the hair, acting as an enhancer to the base level as opposed to a neutraliser.

It is very important to understand that Candy is the warm version of Platinum. Its purpose is to enable those with the lightest blonde base level to obtain a clear ‘Candy’ tone on their hair, preventing it from a) looking cold and b) giving a specific signature blonde hair colour.

Candy (as a colour) has very little depth, therefore it is unable to darken light blonde hair in the way a Colour Restore shade such as Caramel can. Instead, Candy is very much a toner. If used on a base shade darker than a light blonde very little difference would be seen. However, on medium blonde bases it can create a rose gold hue to the hair. Therefore, for those who claim to be a ‘mousy blonde’ using Candy as a regular intensive treatment will prevent that hair colour looking cold and flat, instead creating a warm and more classically blonde edge.

Unlike most other Colour Restore shades, Candy can work exceptionally well with naturally grey and white hair. Specifically, for a certain type of natural grey consumer who was previously very warm or redheaded. When an individual who was once redheaded turns grey or white, their complexion can be cast with an unnecessary and aging cold tone. This occurs because those who are naturally very warm in skin tone, do not typically suit highly cold hair colours. Both white and grey are obviously cold tones. Therefore, if a previous warm or redheaded individual is tired of colouring their hair and wishes to go grey, using Colour Restore Candy as a regular toner can be a great option. When regularly applied to naturally white or grey hair, Candy will begin to cast a soft gold tone. The base shade will remain very light, but the colour will no longer have that cold edge.

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Hair colour looks no different after use?


This could be due to two different factors. Firstly, how light was the base level Candy was applied onto? Candy is designed to go on a platinum, light blonde or a white base level, as a shade this is a very delicate, gentle blush tone. If the shade is applied to any base darker than light or platinum blonde little difference will be seen in the hair colour.

The second factor is whether the hair was clarified prior to use of the Candy product. Because Colour Restore Candy is one of the most delicate Colour Restore shades, it should always be applied to a clarified non-conditioned base. Many bleached and light blonde consumers instinctively extra condition hair after each shampoo. However, if the hair was conditioned prior to applying Candy, the product would not be able to enter the hair and create the colour effect. This occurs because the conditioner creates a barrier on the surface of the hair and the Colour Restore Candy shade can simply slide off. Therefore, pre-clarifying is key, because the soft pigments need to gain access into the hair to evoke the shade.

Can I use again to get an intense shade?


Yes. If a very intense Candy shade is desired, just keep repeating the intense treatments until you achieve the Candy level you wish to be. Candy is effectively an apricot colour, with a mild pink undertone. So, if you want a more intense Candy/Apricot shade – simply keep up those intense treatments until you reach the desired blush level, then retain the shade by using the product as a two-minute conditioner after every wash.

Can I use this product on white or grey hair?


You can. The only consideration must be that natural white and grey hair is very coarse and stubborn. So, if you use a blush tone on such a natural hair type, or any Colour Restore shade, it might be too gentle to get inside the hair. Therefore, if you do have natural grey or white hair and want to create the Candy shade, it is important you firstly clarify the hair several times before application. This will make the natural white hair more porous and prone to absorbing the Candy shade. Next (and after application), wrap the hair loosely in clingfilm. Wrapping the hair in clingfilm (whilst the colour is developing) will trap heat next to the scalp and cause the cuticle to rise, enabling the colour to enter the hair.

Hair looks bright orange after use?


If you have used Candy and your hair now looks bright orange, it is usually because the hair was golden to begin with, or at least very warm. Candy is a gold-based colour, if it is used on hair that is brassy, or has lightened to a raw orange, it will develop to a heavy peach/ almost orange shade. This is due to the fact Candy is not a neutraliser, but a warming toner. Therefore, if you feel the result is too orange after use, this is the simple reason why. Candy was not designed for use on hair types that display excess gold when lightened or coloured. If your hair is prone to going very warm when lightened, and you are seeking a true Candy shade, you must firstly lighten out all the remaining orange in the hair to a pale yellow, then neutralise this yellow with Colour Restore Iced Platinum, creating a white result. When the hair is void of warmth and is a pale blonde, Colour Restore Candy can then display as a soft rose gold tone.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Yellow 57, Basic Red 76.


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