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Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Caramel is a depth shade of the permanent colour 7.3. Use for 20 minutes to create a warm-neutral to lightest brown or as a two minute regular conditioner to replenish caramel tones.


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Caramel is a true semi-permanent version of the shade known as ‘7.3 Medium Golden Blonde’. 7.3 is perhaps one of the most recognised, flexible and widely used shades in the permanent sector (both at home and in salons) and creates a true lightest golden brown. The shade is very much a ‘biscuit’ colour and is perceived as ‘caramel’ when given an image- evoking reference in salons.

I created the 7.3/Caramel shade specifically for use on the vast amount of ombre bases that were appearing in hair by 2014. After the obvious ‘dip dye’ look, colour foundation moved into a more delicate ombre effect. It was clear a more naturalist result was being sought. This was (and still is) demonstrated by the many celebrities who sport ombre and balayage hair colours. Just as foil highlights had done in the previous decade, balayage colour effects are the mainstay today.

However, natural balayage effects are not created by leaving the bleached or lightened balyage foundation ‘raw’. When I use the term ‘raw’ I am describing the method of simply bleaching the effect into the hair and then leaving this lightened hair to display. Such hair effects will have a gingery, rusty or uneven tone, which will not look particularly aesthetic and certainly not naturalist. The secret to a perfect balayage or ombre, is to overlay a subsequent soft ‘tone on tone’ shade throughout the hair. This subsequent shade applied, then deepens the lightened areas, creating accent colour and an overall naturalist colour effect between darker roots and lighter ends. I created Colour Restore Caramel as an overlay shade for any pre-lightened, bleached or blonde bases. Caramel is very much that classic Jennifer Aniston shade (sported on ‘Friends’). The shade is a deep warm blonde or soft lightest golden brown.

Because of Colour Restore’s conditioning composition, Caramel can be used immediately after any bleaching or lightening treatment without risk of damage to this particularly delicate hair type.

A great grey root coverup or grey blender on blonde and warm bases.

As with Colour Restore Chocolate, Caramel can be used to ‘mute’ the early signs of grey and white hair in a natural base shade. Because Caramel is a medium blonde (light brown) depth, it will not completely cover white hair, but instead create a translucent blending effect. It can be used as a quick root cover-up using a tint or toothbrush.

Caramel can turn white or grey hairs to a blondish pale. In some instances, (depending on grey formation), this can cause a grey head of hair to appear highlighted and blonde. However, it is important to understand that any grey coverage is dependent on grey formation. So, for example, if an individual has very patchy grey hair (in clumps) this type of ‘muting’ grey coverage effect does not look particularly impressive. By contrast, if someone has an even ‘salt and pepper’ grey formation, using Caramel to turn this white hair blonde would evoke that ‘highlighted’ colour effect and transform the grey edge to that of a blonde.

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Hair colour looks no different after use?


If you see no difference in the hair colour after using Caramel, this (as with some of the other Colour Restore shades) may be due to the fact that you have applied it to a base darker than the actual Caramel depth. Caramel is a base of 7.3, which is a medium, golden blonde. If someone who was brunette, or even a light brown applied Caramel they would not see a huge shade difference. The hair might look more golden, but the actual caramel colour would not be true to the box swatch. Caramel is designed for use on very light blonde bases or those with highlights, balayage and ombre who are seeking a more natural darker blonde. The purpose of my creating Caramel was to offer consumers an option to deepen lightened hair to a natural depth, whilst not actually becoming a clear brunette. Colour Restore Caramel is a soft lightest biscuit brown when applied to light bases and is a great option for people who are finding their hair is becoming too light and want to soften dark regrowth sitting against previously lightened hair.

Another factor to check is if you have clarified your hair prior to application. If the hair is coated with conditioner and styling product residue, it is impossible for Colour Restore shades to enter the hair. Therefore, if your hair is a light blonde (or lightened base), and you have seen no result, I recommend you use Precolour Clarifier and apply the shade again.

Can I use again to intensify the shade?


Yes, you can. On very light blonde hair, the first application of Caramel will give a softer colour, it will not be depth heavy. Therefore, if you want a deeper biscuit blonde shade, you can simply undergo another intense treatment, and the hair will develop to a more solid caramel colour. This shade can then be retained in the hair by using Caramel as the regular 2-minute conditioner after wash.

How often can I use?


Caramel can be used as much as you wish. If you have gone from being very light to a solid caramel shade, you will need to use the product as their regular 2-minute conditioner after each wash, to maintain that solid depth. However, if you are merely using the product to blend and cover foundation effects such as balayage or ombre, you may only need to conduct an intense treatment every few weeks, without that 2-minute use after each shampoo.

Can I use on ombre and balayage hair?


Absolutely. In fact, I now wish I had called this product an ‘Ombre or Balayage Toner’. From all the shades in the Colour Restore line-up, Caramel is 100% perfect for anybody with balayage or ombre lightening who wants to create that more naturalistic ‘multi-tonal’ effect. When applied to such bases, Caramel mutes any raw bleached areas producing a specific soft shade in this pre-lightened hair and preventing it from looking merely ‘stark’ or ‘bleached’. Remember, true balayage effects of today are created by firstly producing those lightened panels, then overlaying a tone on tone colourant throughout. However, a permanent colourant cannot be used for overlay techniques as you risk lifting the non-lightened hair or lightening the natural darker areas. Therefore, applying Colour Restore Caramel after a balyage or ombre treatment would give that on trend hair colour look without any risk of damage to the hair condition or lightened foundation created.

Hair looks orange?


This is a simple one. If your hair looks orange, it means you had a very warm or orange base to begin with and prior to application. Caramel is formulated with a gold tone. The product is designed for use on very light or bleached blonde hair. With such light bases, you can only go to a deeper blonde by using a gold undertone colourant, unless you firstly pre-pigment with a pure gold. If a colourant that was merely depth (so no tone) was applied to bleached hair, the result would be green tinged. However, if someone has lightened dark hair to a gingery-auburn or very peachy blonde colour, then attempt to use Caramel, there is already an abundant level of gold in that hair, therefore the gold tone in Caramel has nothing to fill and can only display.

If your hair looks very orange after using Caramel, the indicator is the base shade was too dark and warm to effectively display the colour. The easiest solution is for you to apply a standard no ammonia tone on tone colourant in a flat base 7.0 medium blonde to the hair. With an underlying gold base present, the use of this flat neutral colour would create a Caramel shade.

Can I use on grey hair?


As with Colour Restore Chocolate, Caramel cannot cover grey, but it can mute the first signs. So, if someone has a few scatterings of white hair, it is a great product to use to blend out and camouflage early white. However, if someone has very white or heavily grey hair, my recommendation would be to cover this white hair with a flat 8.0 Light Blonde permanent colourant and then use Colour Restore Caramel as a regular treatment. With this method, the 8.0 Light Blonde shade will create a solid permanent (lighter) base and give full grey coverage. However, using Caramel will then introduce gold tones and produce that desired Caramel of soft biscuit shade.


Aqua (water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Behentrimonium Chloride, Glycerin, Cetrimonium Methosulfate, Quaternium 91, Glyceryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cetrimonium Chloride, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Trideceth-12, Ceteareth-20, Amodimethicone, Citric Acid, Basic Yellow 57, Basic Blue 99, Basic Brown 16, Basic Yellow 87, Parfum (fragrance). 


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