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Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Chocolate is a depth shade of permanent colour 5.0. Use for 20 minutes to create rich brunette brown or as a two minute regular conditioner to restore or replenish chocolate tones.



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Colour restore Chocolate is a shade designed for those who wish to either enrich and deepen their natural brunette depth, or for those who suffer fading with their permanent artificial brunette shade. Colour Restore Chocolate can be applied throughout the hair (like a conditioner) and the pigments infuse inside the hair, creating depth and an overall rich brunette shade. This is a semi-permanent colourant formulation of the 5.0 base level.

The Colour Restore Chocolate shade is brunette pigment depth, featuring a red pre-pigment undertone, which is an important facet of the product. Applying a brunette pigment directly onto a lighter base without firstly pre-pigmenting with a red pigment, can cause the hair to take on a green hue. Therefore, if Colour Restore Chocolate had been purely a brunette pigment within a conditioning base, there would be a risk the hair would have looked green if the shade had been used on light blondes or white hairs. As a brunette shade, Chocolate needed that underlying red pigment, because this red pigment and the dark pigment combined produce that lustrous brunette shade. It also acts as an insurance against a green or flat result should the product be used on very white hair.

When light blondes use Chocolate for the first time, their hair will turn a dark mahogany blonde. It is important to note, we do not market this product to blonde consumers. If an existing faded brunette uses the shade, they will immediately get a true Chocolate brown. However, existing blondes lack any depth in their hair. Therefore, when Chocolate is applied to very light or bleached hair, the contained brunette (darker) pigments are immediately sucked in to create a depth, whilst the red pigments display. This is the opposite to how the shade works on darker bases. However, because bleached hair lacks any depth, that red pigment will not be covered by the brown – but instead sit with it. The, result is a traditional mahogany colour.

However, for any blondes using the shade this initial outcome is incredibly easy to remedy. All you need to do is reapply Colour Restore Chocolate a second time and give another 20-minute development. This second process then flips the situation back around, so now the hair is already pre-pigmented with the red, and the next application increases the brunette tone and displays further depth, resulting in that true Chocolate brown shade as seen on the pack.

Ideally Chocolate is designed for existing brunettes, and those who are colouring their hair, and finding it is fading and looking drab. Ultimately, this is a pigment replenishment item for brunettes. However, as fashions have changed, it is now becoming an ideal product for those with balayage or ombre foundations. If Chocolate is applied to these pre-lightened bases an incredible multi-tonal brunette (as opposed to a block brunette colour) is achieved, creating a 3D colour result.

Chocolate can be used for the blending of the early signs of grey. Rather than cover the grey hair completely, Chocolate will mute down the white to a light mahogany brown, causing it to effectively disappear within the non-grey (natural brunette) hair. Colour Restore Chocolate would not be effective at covering fully grey or white hair. However, if you do have a high amount of grey or white and wish to use the product, a great tip is to colour this hair white/grey using a 7.0 Medium Blonde permanent hair colourant. This shade will create a permanent, but soft foundation depth in the hair. If you then apply Colour Restore Chocolate to this dark blonde base, it will create an effective and highly naturalistic chocolate brown.

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Hair colour looks no different after use?

There are two likely explanations to this issue. Firstly, if your previous hair colour (prior to application) was darker than chocolate (which is a 5.0 shade), you will simply not see a great deal of difference from using this product. However, you will notice the hair is shinier. This shine factor is a big indicator you have applied the product to a darker base, as whilst the depth cannot display (as the starting base was darker than the colourant base), the pigment molecules are reflecting in the hair and evoking the shine.

The second instance where you may see no difference after using the product, is if barriers are on the hair. Colour Restore shades cannot penetrate through styling residue, product build-up and silicone barriers. Therefore, you must clarify the hair before use. If the base shade is lighter that Chocolate, you will always see a result from the product as Chocolate is a very intense shade.

Hair looks red?

If you feel the hair looks red after use, this is likely to be due to the fact you have applied the product onto a very light or blonde base. Colour Restore Chocolate contains a red undertone (pre-pigment) in order to minimise a flat or green effect when applied to blonde hair. This happens because blonde and lightened hair needs to be pre-pigmented with a red colour molecule to enable a brunette depth to show accurately. When blonde hair is not firstly pre-pigmented with a red (before applying a brunette), the blonde (lifted) depth combines with the brown pigment and creates a green tone. Whilst Colour Restore Chocolate is not specifically designed for blondes, I felt it was important to offer a colourant that could effectively work on lighter depths. Therefore, for this reason the brunette formula contains an in-built red pre-pigment.

When a blonde consumer uses Colour Restore Chocolate for the first time, it is very likely the initial result will be a mahogany red. This happens because the blonde hair lacks depth and absorbs the brunette pigment, leaving the red pigment to display in the hair. However, if you repeat an intense application of Chocolate again (over this red hair result), you will find the second application produces a deep Chocolate brunette. This is because the hair was previously filled with red-pigment and the subsequent application brings the brunette depth.

Hair looks green?

Generally, seeing green is a rare issue with Chocolate, because it has that red pre-pigment. When green is seen, it is nearly always attributed to the Chocolate shade being applied to a very light base, then after several washes the hair begins to take on a green hue. This is because with every wash the red pigments are being flushed from the hair, leaving behind the brunette pigments (which are more resistant). After several washes, the hair is void of that red pre-pigment and all that remains is the brunette pigments and the light depth – creating a green hue. Colour Restore Chocolate was not designed for blondes, but the red pre-pigment ensured it would work on such bases. Therefore, to remedy the issue of the hair appearing green as fading occurs, simply apply a small amount of Colour Restore Chocolate after each shampoo, to re-introduce the red colour pigments which have been rinsed from the hair.

If you are blonde and have used Colour Restore Chocolate and now wish to let it fade out, wash your hair as usual but then apply a Light Pastel Pink after each wash. The small amount of red pigment within the Pastel Pink shade, will replace the fading red molecules in the Colour Restore shade and allow the brunette depth to leave the hair without displaying green tones. Over several washes you will notice your blonde hair returning, usually appearing as a Rose Gold blonde.

Does this product cover grey?

Colour Restore shades are not specifically designed to cover grey. However, Chocolate will mute down the very early signs of grey, those specks of grey around hairlines and at temple areas. However, be mindful that Chocolate cannot fully cover white, only mute it. If you do have very white or grey hair, it is recommended you apply a 7.0 permanent hair colourant to create a dark blonde base shade. You then can apply Colour Restore Chocolate to great effect, with the hair having a rich multi-tonal quality.

Can I use on highlights, balayage or ombre?

You can. The product is particularly good for those with natural dark bases who have balayage and ombre foundations but still want an overall ‘multi-tonal’ brunette look. Be mindful that if your balayage or ombre is very light, using Chocolate will create a redder effect brunette. However, Chocolate is an ideal camouflage colour for creating rich softer brunette tones in balayage and ombre treated bases, simply because it creates that chocolate tone in the lightened areas, whilst increasing the shine in any non-lightened (natural) areas.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Blue 99, Basic Yellow 87, Basic Red 51.


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