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Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary hair colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair. Colour Restore Deep Red is a concentration of red pigments within a highly conditioning base.

Use for 20 minutes to create a vibrant red colour or as a two minute regular conditioner to restore or replenish red tones.



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Colour Restore Deep Red was also one of the three original products when I first conceptualised the Colour Restore range, along with Iced Platinum and Cool Ash.

There has always been an issue with permanent red colour fading. Any person who has coloured their hair with a permanent red, will tell you how quickly this shade flushes from the hair. Excessive fading of permanent reds happens because the red colour molecule is very small, and even when these molecules are oxidized to a larger size during the permanent colour process, the enlarged molecules are still small enough to get flushed back out of the hair overtime with regular washing. Therefore, due to this issue, a lot of artificial redheads were then buying more permanent red colourants and applying them to the hair to revive the faded colour. The peroxide and ammonia (contained within these colourants) was then weakening the hair and causing the red to fade even faster. Therefore, this same consumer would then re-colour (yet again) with more permanent colour, but now it would fade faster still, because the hair was becoming weakened, swollen and the cuticle damaged – due to the continual exposure to peroxide and ammonia. With the cuticle permanently swollen open, those oxidized red molecules could freely leave the hair. It was clear that repeated application of chemical colourants was just the wrong approach to dealing with red pigment fade. Therefore, I wanted to offer a red replenishing product as a conditioner, designed to infuse pure red pigments back into the hair. In addition, this product would have the ability to create a red shade without the necessity to use permanent (peroxide or ammonia based) colourants.

In the many years it’s been on sale, Colour Restore Deep Red has built such a strong and loyal following of redheads. It is truly a beloved product, simply because it retains a red shade without needing to compromise hair condition with repeated permanent colour applications. Deep Red causes the hair to look healthy, whilst the red shade achieved is vibrant. This is also a very easy to use product that is so abundant in pigment that only a small amount needs to be used with each wash to retain the red shade. Therefore, you should find one tube of Deep Red lasts a significant amount of time.

Anyone wishing to retain a red shade, should probably be using Colour Restore Deep Red every three to four washes as an intensive treatment, or as their regular two-minute after each wash. Even though Deep Red is a temporary colour, the molecule principle is still the same as with permanent reds. The red colour molecule inside Deep Red is small and will leave the hair with washing. However, Deep Red was designed to be used to replenish lost red pigment without damage, so you can create a red shade and then use Deep Red as your regular two-minute conditioner to infuse red pigment back into the hair. Previously, this was the stage whereby you might have turned to a permanent red colourant to do the same job and risked both damage to your hair and increased fading.

In addition, Deep Red can be used on top of bleached hair as a pre-pigment. What is pre-pigmenting? Well, if someone’s hair is bleached blonde, and they wish to permanently go dark, just applying a permanent dark colour directly on to that bleached or lightened hair would cause it to appear green. This is because the hair previously had all its natural red pigment lightened away by the bleaching process. If you apply a dark or brunette colour to this bleached hair, the colour will have insufficient red to create a true shade and instead display as khaki. However, if Colour Restore Deep Red was firstly applied to this bleached hair, and a red foundation base created, and then subsequently coloured to the desired darker shade, the (introduced) dark colour molecules would actually push the red molecules further into the hair, and the hair would be pre-pigmented with said red colour molecules. So, when that dark permanent colourant develops in the hair, the hair has a rich and natural colour, as opposed to a murky, khaki/green – which happens if a darker colourant is applied directly onto bleached hair without firstly pre-pigmenting with red.

Another use for Deep Red, is on very dark brown, artificial or natural brunette hair types, to create a chestnut or conker sheen. Obviously, Deep Red is very simple to use, but because dark and natural hair is not lightened (and the base shade is dark), it will not display as true red, but will simply infuse a lustrous conker-red hue to the hair that illuminates under light.

Those with afro textured hair are finding great uses for Deep Red as an overlay shade on a slightly pre-lightened base. Because many afro textured consumers have naturally black shaded hair, using a product such as Decolour Stripper can gently reduce this base to a warm light brown. Once pre-lightened, applying Deep Red will create a vibrant but rich red shade that is far kinder to this delicate hair type than using a subsequent ammonia-based colourant.

Deep Red is not designed for use on hair that is grey, or very naturally white. If somebody with high amounts of natural grey/white applied Deep Red, this natural grey/white will turn to a bright magenta shade. Some people like this, but most people would not desire their grey to suddenly become a vibrant magenta, and as explained earlier, Colour Restore is not designed to cover grey.

If you are naturally grey, and like the idea of a deep red shade, it is very simple to use either a 6.0 dark blonde or 7.0 medium blonde permanent base colourant on the hair first and then follow by using Deep Red. If those with grey- or white-hair firstly create a permanent light brown/dark blonde base in the hair and follow with Deep Red – they will achieve the shade, they desire. However, Deep Red should never be used directly on top of grey or white hair, without firstly creating that deeper permanent base shade.

You may ask why a grey-haired individual could not simply use a permanent redhead shade and achieve the same result, without needing to use Deep Red. Well, in cases where an individual is very white or grey and applies a permanent redhead shade, the colour still tends to come out pink – due to the high amount of red pigment in the colourant combined with the lack of base/depth pigment in the hair. The only effective way for a very grey- or white-haired person to create a red shade, is to use a neutral dark or medium blonde base shade (first) and then add the red pigment secondly to create the red effect. Remember, the 6.0 dark blonde or 7.0 medium blonde permanent colour will cover the white hair and create a permanent stable base shade. The Colour Restore Deep Red will infuse this base shade with red pigment and create the ‘redhead’ result.

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Hair looks pink rather than red?

Pink results occur when a person with very bleached or lightened hair has used Deep Red. The pink result is due such hair types being void of natural red pigment and depth. Therefore, the red is pulled in and sits against the light/transparent base displaying as a pink. Remember, combining red and white creates pink! This is a simple issue to remedy; all you need to do is repeat the Deep Red 20-minute intense application. Upon the second application, the further red pigment will fill the hair, create depth and display at the true red intensity.

Red is fading fast, why?

Because the red pigment molecule is very small, red colours are notorious for fading fast. In fact, this was the very reason why I created Deep Red, simply because people were using permanent red colours to replenish, and the hair was becoming more and more damaged. When you notice Deep Red is fading fast it is typically due to the hair being porous and probably heavily lightened. Such hair types have an open cuticle that allow the red colour molecule to be flushed very readily from the hair. Therefore, you must keep using Deep Red as a two-minute conditioner proceeding every other shampoo. Eventually, a saturation point will be reached, whereby the hair will become so full of the red, fading starts to slow-off. As a product, Colour Restore Deep Red goes a long way. You only need to use a small amount with each application. Therefore, just keep using the product. Ultimately, it is a conditioner, and will not harm the hair, and at a certain point you will notice the red begins to retain, due to the hair becoming filled. From this point, you won’t find it necessary to use Deep Red as frequently.

How can I remove this colour?

Firstly, be aware you cannot remove any direct dye with a hair colour remover. If you have coloured your hair with Deep Red, and you do not like the result or simply want a change, start using coconut oil treatments. Coconut oil will tend to make the hair slippery and the red will start to come out. In addition, hot water will open the cuticle and will steam out red colour molecules. Using hot, but comfortable, water to steam the red out of the hair is often the most effective approach. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water is another good tip to eradicate red, due to the fact apple cider vinegar is very acidic and again causes red to slip from the hair fibres. Never attempt to bleach out red, as this will heavily compromise the quality of the hair. Semi-Permanent red colour molecules will tend to leave the hair relatively easily if the above methods are deployed.

How often can I use?

You can use Deep Red as much as you desire. Deep Red will not damage the hair, and as explained, with red, sometimes it needs to be built up. Therefore, if you want to undertake successive treatments, one after the other, you can. If you want to use daily, you can. If you want to use weekly, you can – it will not damage the hair. It’s entirely your own choice how often you want to use the product. And over time, you will begin to understand how often you need to use the product to retain your specific result. Deep Red consumers come to the product to retain reds, so will initially find they are using Deep Red more regularly – but as the condition improves and the red fills the hair, they always notice less fading and frequency of use reduces.

Can I use immediately after perming, relaxing, colour removal and bleaching?

You can use Deep Red immediately after perming and relaxing with no problems. Colour Restore is ultimately a conditioner with infused colour pigments. Therefore, there is no risk to the hair when using immediately after treatments such as perming, straightening and colour removal, which also use a reduction agent ingredient. However, I always recommend people wait a day before using Deep Red after applying a bleach. Why? In theory, you can use Deep Red immediately after bleaching hair, without it causing any damage. However, immediately after bleaching the hair may still contain active bleach molecules. Therefore, if you apply any red pigment directly onto these active bleach molecules, there is a high risk said molecules will attempt to ‘oxidize’ the red and ultimately cause the result you are trying to achieve to flush straight out. It is far better to wait 24 hours after bleaching, wash the hair and then apply Deep Red. You should also consider using Precolour Protein Porosity Spray before application in instances where the hair has been recently bleached.

I have a very dark brown or black hair colour. Will Deep Red create a ‘redhead’ result on my hair?

A simple way to understand Deep Red results is this; The lighter the brighter, the deeper the meeker. So, if you are very fair, Deep Red will display as a vibrant red. However, if you are dark, Deep Red will display as a sheen or hue. If you have very dark brown or black hair, Deep Red will give you a richness and conker hue. However, you will still retain that brunette depth.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Blue 99, Basic Yellow 87.


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