Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Suitable for very light blonde, bleached and highlighted hair, Colour Restore Pink Platinum is an anti-yellow treatment toner with a high concentration of violet and blue pigments and is formulated to actively neutralise brassy blonde hair, creating a pure white cool blonde with a delicate pink undertone, whilst conditioning.

Use for 20 minutes for an intense neutralisation of unwanted yellow tones and creation of light pink platinum. To maintain your shade or if you currently have a neutral or platinum base, simply use as your regular two-minute conditioner.


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Pink Platinum is by far the most interesting of not only the Colour Restore shades, but the Colour Restore range in general.

Pink Platinum features the same Iced Platinum Colour Restore formula and is designed to neutralise brassy and yellow tones to white. However, this version of the formula contains a mild pink pigment. Therefore, Pink Platinum not only neutralises yellow, but also turns the created platinum blonde result into a very soft delicate pink. This enables consumers to achieve a different type of soft rose white blonde that can look effective on a block blonde colour or ‘Blush Like’ on highlights, balayage and Ombre.

When Pink Platinum launched in 2016, it was the first time a neutralising toner offered a two in one benefit. It is just important to remember; Colour Restore Pink Platinum is NOT a pink pastel colour. Instead, it is designed for use on brassy, yellow blonde hair as a neutraliser. If Pink Platinum is applied to existing white neutralised hair, the shade will result in a lilac tone because the anti-yellow acid-violet molecules have nothing to neutralise and will display. Therefore, you need to remember to only use Colour Restore Pink Platinum when the hair is appearing brassy and in need of neutralisation.

When used as your regular anti-yellow toner, Pink Platinum will retain a delicate Rose Blonde shade within the hair. The rose hue is more an ‘off white’ as opposed to a solid pastel pink. Therefore, it is a wearable shade for all blonde consumers, regardless of age or blonde foundation.

For many reasons, some lightened hair types can find they have an unwanted green hue in the hair. Often this denotes the presence of a natural underlying yellow (brass) tone and an artificial blue tone. In recent times, the unwanted green tone has appeared when a blue based colour has been applied to the hair. However, using Colour Restore Pink Platinum can neutralise this unwanted green tone and produce a clean, light blonde. This occurs because the delicate amount of red colour molecule within the product (enough to produce pink) can counteract a green tone within the hair.

Generally, copper yellow bleached or lightened hair holds too much depth and warmth to be toned to a platinum. However, if you apply Colour Restore Pink Platinum to such a base, a Rose Gold shade would be achieved. This is because the acid violet (anti-yellow) toning pigments within the shade would neutralise a significant amount of the copper tone. However, the level of gold left un-neutralised would combine with the mild pink pigment (contained in Pink Platinum) and produce a Rose Gold shade.

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Hair looks lilac not pink?


It is important to understand that Pink Platinum is still the Colour Restore Iced Platinum formula, and is an anti-yellow toner, designed for use on yellow or brassy hair. If your hair is already a neutralised platinum shade and Pink Platinum is used, there will be no yellow in the hair for the product to neutralise and the hair will display as lilac. The lilac is seen because the acid-violet molecule is designed to neutralise yellow. So, in a brassy base, this acid-violet molecule counteracts the yellow and vanishes creating white and leaving only the pink molecule to display. However, if someone with neutralised white hair uses the product, there is no yellow for the acid-violet pigment to neutralise and it displays in the hair alongside the pink molecule. The pink molecule is derived from red and the acid-violet derived from blue. Therefore, you mix these two molecules together and obtain violet.

If you are faced with this issue, just keep washing the hair with a generic regular shampoo to start allowing the underlying brassy tone to show through. At that point, the acid violet pigment will vanish, because the pigment will try to start neutralising the yellow. Once this happens, the pink tone will be seen. From this point, you should only apply Colour Restore Pink Platinum when the hair is displaying a visible brassy tone that requires neutralising.

Cannot see any difference?


One reason you may observe no difference after using Pink Platinum is if the hair is coated with polymers and silicone and requires clarifying. Barriers on the hair’s surface will prevent any Colour Restore shade from entering and evoking a change. To ensure those colour molecules can enter through the hair shaft and evoke change, always use either Precolour Clarifier or a clear clarifying shampoo prior to application. Clarifying the hair prior to application of any Colour Restore shade, will remove barriers and allow the colour pigments unrestricted access into the hair.

Another reason you may not observe any difference is if the hair was too dark prior to application. Colour Restore Pink Platinum is designed for use on lightest blonde hair. If used on any bases darker than light blonde, results from the product will be far more subtle.

How often can I use this shade?


Pink Platinum can only be used when the hair is showing a brassy tone, as it is ultimately an anti-yellow neutraliser. So, when the hair starts looking brassy, you apply it. However, because Pink Platinum has that additional pink molecule, you may find that rather than the hair becoming brassy over several washes, it starts taking on more and more of a Rose Gold appearance and will at one point look very much like the Colour Restore Candy shade. This happens because the pink molecule will start to combine with the underlying yellow molecule and create a Rose Gold tone. However, very quickly, this Rose Gold tone will fade to a clear brass, indicating the entire Pink Platinum tone is now gone. Therefore, if you apply the Pink Platinum when the hair is becoming more Rose Gold than pink – you would get a good pink platinum result, as there is sufficient underlying yellow displaying in the hair to utilise all the acid-violet pigment.

Can I use on balayage, ombre and highlighted hair?


Absolutely, yes. But again, make sure the base is pre-toned with Iced Platinum, so it features no warm or brassy tones prior to application. If you desire a more naturalistic metallic colour, simply use Lilac Grey directly over the warm base. In these instances, because the Lilac Grey will act as a neutraliser, it will appear less Lilac Grey and more Metallic Beige. However, this can be a preferable shade variance for those who like a natural cold balayage or ombre look.

Can I use this product immediately after bleaching or lightening?


Yes, you can. After bleaching and lightening the hair will be at its most brassy and most susceptible to toning. Therefore, once the bleach or lightener is rinsed from the hair, proceed immediately to using the Pink Platinum product. Iced Platinum consumers work in this way and let’s not forget Pink Platinum is the Iced Platinum formula containing a tiny amount of pink pigment to create a soft blush hue.

Can I use Colour Restore Pink Platinum on natural grey or white hair?


Yes, but only under the principles you would use Colour Restore Iced Platinum. That is, if your natural grey or white hair is displaying a brassy or yellow tone that requires neutralising. If your grey or white hair is pure and without yellow tone and Pink Platinum is used, the hair will take on a more lilac tone, as there is no yellow within the hair to be neutralised.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Blue 99, Basic Red 51. 


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