Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Silver Blonde is a pure silver blonde toner creating an ultra cool metallic-blue undertone on very light blonde, bleached or highlighted hair.

Use for 20 minutes to create subtle light blue-metallic tones or as a two-minute regular conditioner to maintain your shade.


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With the global desire for grey and metallic hair strong, I wanted to create a Colour Restore shade designed for both achieving and maintaining metallic colourant effects. Silver Blonde is a striking shade that is far more metallic than Colour Restore Chrome and is an ideal product for those who like to display artificial Silver and Grey shades. You can apply it over an existing blonde base to create a deep metallic silver. If used over artificial grey shades, it will deepen and refine the existing shade giving a deeper steel edge to the colour.

Colour Restore Silver Blonde is a hue as opposed to a depth based blonde toner. To produce a grey shade, a colourant requires enough depth. My goal with the creation of Colour Restore Silver Blonde was to offer an intense metallic toner for blonde bases, as opposed to a grey colourant. However, the secondary aim was to offer a restoration shade for artificial grey colours that introduces lost Metallic pigments back into the hair.

Silver Blonde will produce an intense metallic blue-based silver on all light blonde and pre-lightened bases. If the shade is applied onto non-toned, brassy and yellow blonde bases, the result will be a deeper beige blonde, as opposed to metallic silver. This is because the lavender undertone of the shade (which displays on white hair as metallic silver) will attempt to act as a neutraliser on yellow and brassy blonde hair. The result will be a beige blonde as opposed to silver blonde. However, if Colour Restore Iced Platinum was then used on the hair, the underlying yellow tone would be neutralised to white and the Silver Blonde shade would pop out and display.

When applied to an existing artificial silver or grey hair colour, Silver Blonde will intensify the shade and restore lost pigments. The result will be stronger silvers and more intense grey shades. Colour Restore Silver Blonde is an ideal shade to use as a weekly 20-minute intense treatment on artificial grey and silver shades. Conducting this weekly colour regime will keep all artificial metallic shades sharp and refined.

If Colour Restore Silver Blonde is applied to a natural (non-colour treated) silver or grey shade, the impact of the natural shade will be intensified, creating more striking grey results. In this instance, the shade should be used as a regular 2 minute conditioner after washing with a violet shampoo, designed for natural silver or grey hair types.

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Hair looks no different?

Did you clarify the hair prior to application? With light blonde, tonal shades, this is one of the biggest reasons why the colour looks unchanged following application. The hair must be free from barriers prior to using Colour Restore Silver Blonde. Once clarified, the pigments within the shade will be able to enter the hair and evoke change.

Alternatively, because Silver Blonde is a metallic toner, you may have a base that is just too dark to display metallic tone. If you are looking to achieve a pure Silver Blonde result, you firstly need to make sure the hair is lightened to a platinum base, before application of Colour Restore Silver Blonde. Silver Blonde is a grey hued, light blonde toner, it is not an actual grey depth colourant. So, the result from Silver Blonde should be a metallic, greyed blonde that still retains its light depth.

Colour is very grey and patchy?

This is denoting hair condition issues. If a colour results as grey and patchy from use of Colour Restore Silver Blonde (which is conditioner based), this is a strong sign damage was present in the hair prior to use of the product. The patchiness indicates colour has being pulled into the hair through aggressive porosity. If you feel the result is very grey, this means the hair was over toned white and likely silver. In such an instance, Silver Blonde will have added to the existing silver tone (present in the hair prior to application) and has intensified to grey.

The first step is to wash the hair several times in a clear or clarifying shampoo. This will flush out some of the excess pigment. The second step is to use Precolour Protein Porosity Spray prior to application of any further colourants. This is because your hair has grabbed colour, demonstrating high porosity. Protein Spray will fill any gaps in the hair, even out porosity and prevent colourants grabbing and evoking patchy or intense results.

Shade looks green?

This is down to warmth in the hair. If you have used Silver Blonde and the hair now has a green hue, it means there would have previously been yellow-orange tones within the hair. Silver Blonde contains blue pigments, therefore if these pigments are added to an existing yellow base, a green toned result will emerge. This is a standard outcome when silver, grey and metallic shades are applied to any yellow or brassy base.

However, the issue can be easily remedied. Simply apply Colour Restore Iced Platinum on a 20-minute development to neutralise the underlying yellow tone. Once this yellow tone is neutralised, the pigments within Silver Blonde will correctly display.

How often should I use the product?

Silver Blonde can be used as often or as little as you believe necessary. However, this shade is not a neutraliser, but a grey toner. So, after that first intense application, my recommendation is to wait for the metallic tone to diminish somewhat and begin to use the product as your regular two-minute conditioner after regular washing with a purple shampoo.

Please be aware, if Silver Blonde is used excessively, the shade will turn from a metallic tone to a more solid steel grey. This occurs because the Silver tone will begin to load up within the hair. Many people like to create an intense metallic steel shade with Colour Restore Silver Blonde. However, if you wish to retain the standard metallic silver blonde effect, then only apply the shade when you believe the existing colour is fading off.

Can I use on balayage, ombre and highlighted hair?

Yes, you can. Remember the hair must be neutralised with Iced Platinum prior to application, to enable those lightened areas to display as a true metallic Silver Blonde.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Red 76, Basic Blue 99.


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