Can I use Decolour Stripper as my regular blonde regrowth product?

Yes, Decolour Stripper is an ideal product to apply to dark regrowth to lighten the base safely. Always remember to mix and apply from a plastic bowl using a tint brush. Apply to dry hair only (not damp) onto just the dark regrowth. If you like a very shade specific blonde result, once the roots have been lightened, you can apply a second process blonde colourant onto the newly lightened areas, to create a deeper or more tonal blonde shade.

Quick Tip

If your dark roots tend to be stubborn at lifting, apply Decolour Stripper then loosely wrap a sheet of tin foil over your hair, creating a loose cap. This foil cap can be easily removed to check development and then placed back on if further development is needed. However, creating a foil cap will trap heat next to the roots and boost lifting.


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