Can I use immediately after perming, relaxing, colour removal and bleaching?

You can use Deep Red immediately after perming and relaxing with no problems. Colour Restore is ultimately a conditioner with infused colour pigments. Therefore, there is no risk to the hair when using immediately after treatments such as perming, straightening and colour removal, which also use a reduction agent ingredient. However, I always recommend people wait a day before using Deep Red after applying a bleach. Why? In theory, you can use Deep Red immediately after bleaching hair, without it causing any damage. However, immediately after bleaching the hair may still contain active bleach molecules. Therefore, if you apply any red pigment directly onto these active bleach molecules, there is a high risk said molecules will attempt to ‘oxidize’ the red and ultimately cause the result you are trying to achieve to flush straight out. It is far better to wait 24 hours after bleaching, wash the hair and then apply Deep Red. You should also consider using Precolour Protein Porosity Spray before application in instances where the hair has been recently bleached.


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