Can I use on ombre and balayage hair?

Absolutely. In fact, I now wish I had called this product an ‘Ombre or Balayage Toner’. From all the shades in the Colour Restore line-up, Caramel is 100% perfect for anybody with balayage or ombre lightening who wants to create that more naturalistic ‘multi-tonal’ effect. When applied to such bases, Caramel mutes any raw bleached areas producing a specific soft shade in this pre-lightened hair and preventing it from looking merely ‘stark’ or ‘bleached’. Remember, true balayage effects of today are created by firstly producing those lightened panels, then overlaying a tone on tone colourant throughout. However, a permanent colourant cannot be used for overlay techniques as you risk lifting the non-lightened hair or lightening the natural darker areas. Therefore, applying Colour Restore Caramel after a balyage or ombre treatment would give that on trend hair colour look without any risk of damage to the hair condition or lightened foundation created.


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