Can I use this as my regular shampoo?

In short, no. Precolour Clarifier is a clarifier. If you used it as a regular shampoo it would draw too much from the hair. After a while the hair would start feeling dry and somewhat brittle. You should never use clarifiers as your regular on-going shampoo. The only instances where clarifiers can be used regularly are if the hair needs a specific course, due to excess amounts of silicone and polymer build up on the hair shaft. Remember though, in these instances the clarifier is not working on the actual hair but the barriers that need to be cut through. If the hair has been clarified of these barriers, using a clarifier as your next shampoo applied is going to open the hair and excessively cleanse it. Generally, it’s a good idea to clarify either once a week or upon every third wash, but certainly not with each wash.

The only exception I make to recommending the use of a clarifier as a regular use shampoo is for men who use heavy styling waxes on a daily basis. Some men’s waxes, pomades and gels are so heavy they do not cleanse from the hair well with a regular use shampoo. Therefore, it is better to use a standard clarifier like Precolour on the hair with each wash, to cut through the heavy greases and oils and flush them out of the hair.


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