Cannot see effects from shade in the hair?

Black Cherry was designed as a natural illuminator shade. To explain, a natural dark-haired base can use the product but initially see little difference, however under sunlight the hair will have a high gloss and black cherry tone. The lighter the depth the more the purple tone will display. So, if someone with a light brown base shade applies Black Cherry, the hair will have a deep mulberry brown look. However, if the product is applied to a pre-lightened base the shade will be a more vibrant purple. The only shade it will have trouble displaying on (in any capacity) is artificial black. This is due to artificial black being so abundant in pigment, it doesn’t allow room for any other colour or tone to display. Black Cherry would display on natural dark browns and blacks.

However, if you do have a lighter base level (than the Black Cherry shade itself) and the colour is simply not displaying, the issue may be to do with product build-up and surface barriers. In the first instance, double check the colour is not displaying under natural sunlight. If you cannot see any purple hue (under daylight) this is an indicator the product did not enter the hair to evoke a result. Therefore, use Precolour clarifier or a high cleansing shampoo several times and apply Black Cherry again. Remember though, Black Cherry is designed to be a gloss colour for darker natural brunettes or a vibrant cherry for pre-lightened bases. The product is unable to lighten hair, so if you have a dark base and desire a bright cherry results, you will firstly need to use Decolour Stripper and follow this with an application of Black Cherry to achieve that desired vibrant result.


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