Hair colour has not removed and has remained the same?

Generally, there are three reasons why it is perceived a hair colour remover application has not worked, and the hair has remained the same colour:

  • The hair had a build-up of silicones, residues and barriers and Decolour Remover could not enter the hair to evoke any change. In this instance, you should clarify the hair several times, do not apply any conditioner or styling products, then repeat the Decolour Remover applicator.
  • You have attempted to remove a direct dye (such as a bright fashion colour). Direct colours are notable because they do not require intermixing with a peroxide-based developer. Instead, they are just one bottle or tube applied directly to the hair. Hair Colour Removers work with oxidation technology only and are ineffective at removing direct dyes. Reduction agents (as found in hair colour removers) can react with direct dyes. It is, for this reason, we state on the box that Decolour Remover is not for the removal of any fashion colours or direct dye. 
  • You have attempted to remove lightning in the hair. Decolour Remover can only reverse artificial permanent colour pigments; it cannot reverse lightening. Quite often people attempt to remove an unwanted red or copper tone in the hair, believing it to be from an artificial colourant applied, when in reality it is their natural red and gold pigment exposed from lightening via the peroxide developer in the colourant used. 

In these situations, Decolour Remover would only expose more warmth or leave the hair colour unchanged.


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