Hair has a blue hue after use?

This is a simple one. If blonde hair ever looks blue after using Iced Platinum, it means the hair was neutralised prior to application and the product should was required. If you are seeing cool ends (for example), but the roots are correctly toned – this is normal – as the hair has only over deposited at the bottom sections. Quite often, an individual will have white blonde hair and then lighten their (dark) roots to yellow. However, once those roots are lightened to pale yellow, the individual then applies Iced Platinum throughout including those already white ends. Therefore, whilst the roots needed toning, the ends did not, and Iced Platinum may over-deposit and display with a blue hue.

When you have lightened your roots to pale yellow and need to tone, check if the ends appear yellow or white. Quite often, the rinsing of the bleach or lightening from the roots can flush out all existing Iced Platinum tone from the hair and cause the entire lengths to appear brassy. In such instances, you will need to apply Colour Restore Iced Platinum throughout on an intense treatment to neutralise. However, if you conclude lightening your roots, towel dry your hair and notice only the roots appear brassy (with the mid-lengths displaying the white blonde shade it been prior), then you do not need to apply Iced Platinum throughout. Instead, just work Iced Platinum into the regrowth areas only.

I should point out, it is very rare for Colour Restore Iced Platinum to over deposit in this way and if the hair does take on a bluish hue, it can be easily removed via several shampoos with a clear or clarifying shampoo.

However, if your hair has over deposited in any areas, it is indicating you have high levels of porosity. For this reason, I created Precolour Protein Porosity Spray to prevent such issues from occurring.


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