Hair has a blue hue?

If you feel your hair looks blue after using one treatment of Cool Ash, this will be because you have a white or light blonde base with no orange tone present. In some instances, you may have perceived yellow to be orange and in fact should have used Iced Platinum. However, when this incident occurs it usually means you liked the box shade colour and were attempting to achieve this ash result more so than neutralisation. But remember, Colour Restore Cool Ash is not a ‘colourant shade’ but ash neutralisation pigments.

To remove the unwanted blue/ash simply clarify the hair, and then start using coconut oil treatments. Coconut oil is good at pulling direct dye out of the hair. You will find this blue-ash tone will go very quickly if the above approach is taken.

Lastly, use Colour Restore Chrome in the future. Chrome can be deposited onto white hair and will display a silver (slightly ash) result.


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