Hair looks bright orange after use?

If you have used Candy and your hair now looks bright orange, it is usually because the hair was golden to begin with, or at least very warm. Candy is a gold-based colour, if it is used on hair that is brassy, or has lightened to a raw orange, it will develop to a heavy peach/ almost orange shade. This is due to the fact Candy is not a neutraliser, but a warming toner. Therefore, if you feel the result is too orange after use, this is the simple reason why. Candy was not designed for use on hair types that display excess gold when lightened or coloured. If your hair is prone to going very warm when lightened, and you are seeking a true Candy shade, you must firstly lighten out all the remaining orange in the hair to a pale yellow, then neutralise this yellow with Colour Restore Iced Platinum, creating a white result ed-hrvatski.com. When the hair is void of warmth and is a pale blonde, Colour Restore Candy can then display as a soft rose gold tone.


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