Hair looks green?

Generally, seeing green is a rare issue with Chocolate, because it has that red pre-pigment. When green is seen, it is nearly always attributed to the Chocolate shade being applied to a very light base, then after several washes the hair begins to take on a green hue. This is because with every wash the red pigments are being flushed from the hair, leaving behind the brunette pigments (which are more resistant). After several washes, the hair is void of that red pre-pigment and all that remains is the brunette pigments and the light depth – creating a green hue. Colour Restore Chocolate was not designed for blondes, but the red pre-pigment ensured it would work on such bases. Therefore, to remedy the issue of the hair appearing green as fading occurs, simply apply a small amount of Colour Restore Chocolate after each shampoo, to re-introduce the red colour pigments which have been rinsed from the hair.

If you are blonde and have used Colour Restore Chocolate and now wish to let it fade out, wash your hair as usual but then apply a Light Pastel Pink after each wash. The small amount of red pigment within the Pastel Pink shade, will replace the fading red molecules in the Colour Restore shade and allow the brunette depth to leave the hair without displaying green tones. Over several washes you will notice your blonde hair returning, usually appearing as a Rose Gold blonde.


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