Hair looks red?

If you feel the hair looks red after use, this is likely to be due to the fact you have applied the product onto a very light or blonde base. Colour Restore Chocolate contains a red undertone (pre-pigment) in order to minimise a flat or green effect when applied to blonde hair. This happens because blonde and lightened hair needs to be pre-pigmented with a red colour molecule to enable a brunette depth to show accurately. When blonde hair is not firstly pre-pigmented with a red (before applying a brunette), the blonde (lifted) depth combines with the brown pigment and creates a green tone. Whilst Colour Restore Chocolate is not specifically designed for blondes, I felt it was important to offer a colourant that could effectively work on lighter depths. Therefore, for this reason the brunette formula contains an in-built red pre-pigment.

When a blonde consumer uses Colour Restore Chocolate for the first time, it is very likely the initial result will be a mahogany red. This happens because the blonde hair lacks depth and absorbs the brunette pigment, leaving the red pigment to display in the hair. However, if you repeat an intense application of Chocolate again (over this red hair result), you will find the second application produces a deep Chocolate brunette. This is because the hair was previously filled with red-pigment and the subsequent application brings the brunette depth.


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