Hair smells?

Decolour Remover contains an ingredient called a ‘Reduction Agent’. Reduction Agent ingredients work in the opposing principle to oxidation, which is the technology from which permanent colouring works. A notable factor about Reduction Agents is they have a sulphur smell, which can often be likened to eggs. The remover must be rinsed with hot (comfortable) water; otherwise, there is a chance the odour could cling to the hair for several days after the removal treatment.

How to remedy

Wash the hair with a clear, clarifying shampoo under hot (comfortable) water. Next, dissolve two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into a mug of hot water. Wait for the mug to cool, then rinse the bicarbonate of soda solution through the hair and leave for 10 minutes before flushing the hair with warm water. Finish with a leave-in conditioning treatment. The bicarbonate of soda rinse will neutralise any odour left in the hair. If you still detect some of the smell, you can repeat the process.


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