How often can I use?

Iced Platinum can be used as much as desired. I recommend Colour Restore shades are used as a two-minute conditioner after each wash following the initial 20-minute intensive (shade creation) application. However, with Iced Platinum use, once those yellow tones are neutralised and the hair is white, you need to understand that further applications of the product will mean the pigment present will have nothing to neutralise and in instances where Iced Platinum is used on non-brassy white bases, a blue hue could be seen after several applications. Some consumers like this, as it causes the blonde hair to have a metallic edge. However, if you just want to display a standard light blonde, you should only use Iced Platinum when you notice the hair looking brassy. Perhaps as a 2-minute conditioner for minimal yellow tone or a 20-minute intensive treatment if the hair has gone very brassy. Be aware, you can suddenly obtain very brassy hair if you swim – because the intensity of the water exposure will cause any artificial tone to flush out of the hair in one session. In these latter instances, such individuals may find they need intensive applications often. Generally, though, most Iced Platinum consumers just maintain the shade with a 2-minute development after each wash.


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