How often can I use?

Protein Spray is designed for use immediately prior to colouring when the hair is porous or has mixed texture. If the hair is very bleached, or particularly damaged, I would recommend a course of use. When Protein Spray is used within a course treatment, it should be applied after each shampoo and sprayed liberally through as a leave-in conditioner. You should do this until the hair condition feels generally improved and most importantly stronger. Once the hair is stronger, you should not use the product too often because it is unwise to over fill healthy hair with protein. Excessive protein will cause hair to harden and it could snap. Remember, Precolour Protein Spray is designed and recommended for use prior to any colouring or chemical treatment. It is also a very effective course treatment for hair that is very damaged or highly bleached. Those with relaxed or compromised Afro textures would also benefit from using the product regularly if their hair is feeling vulnerable.


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