I regularly use fashion colours such as pink, blue and purple.  Is Decolour Stripper a good product to use for maintaining my light base?

Yes. In fact, those who use Decolour Stripper to obtain their pale canvas for the application of fashion colours, often comment how they achieve more even, brighter colour results, less patching and experience consistent and total fade of semi-permanent shades. Decolour Stripper gently and evenly lightens the hair, therefore reducing the risk of porosity. Whereas very strong bleaches can cause hair to become highly porous. This extreme level of porosity can lead to colour staining from direct dyes, making fashion shades very difficult to remove from the hair. If Decolour Stripper is applied to regrowth only, every four to six weeks, the hair will retain a healthy pale canvas, that will accept direct dye pigments evenly and retain and fade off these pigments consistently.


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