Shade looks a deep beige blonde rather than Lilac Grey?

This is entirely to do with the fact the Lilac Grey shade has been applied onto an orangey, lightened base, rather than a neutral pale or white foundation. Due to its composition, Lilac Grey can act as a neutraliser. Therefore, if someone who has orangey copper hair uses the product, the hair will not turn green, because the combined violet and blue molecules within the product can counteract the orange tone. However, when acting as a neutraliser, Lilac Grey will turn coppery bases to beige blonde. So, if you have used the product and feel your hair looks beige blonde (rather than Lilac Grey) simply apply the product again to build up the lilac tone. Just be mindful that copper is not a light base shade. Therefore, if you apply Lilac grey onto a copper lightened base, you will never achieve a light Lilac Grey result because the existing depth is too dark. To achieve that pure Lilac Grey, you need to lighten out that copper and obtain a pale-yellow base colour, that could firstly be toned to white with Colour Restore Iced Platinum, then coloured to Lilac Grey with the shade.


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